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National Wool Museum

Jun 17

About National Wool Museum

Established in 1988 as part of the Australian Bicentennial Celebrations, the National Wool Museum showcases a unique vision of Australia's woollen history. Located within Geelong and housed in an original wool exchange building, visitors can explore galleries dedicated to celebrating wool production from local to global levels. Complementing these exhibitions are interactive activities at Denny's Kitchen and Lambys for dynamic displays throughout this remarkable centrepiece of cultural heritage.

The National Wool Museum, located in a restored 1872 bluestone wool store and near Geelong's picturesque waterfront, is an unforgettable destination that brings together many intriguing elements. From history to art, science to handcrafts and fashion, this vibrant gathering place celebrates the region’s 60,000-year story of human ingenuity - from its first Nations cultures up until now. As part of the UNESCO City of Design designation for Geelong, visitors can explore two curated galleries along with various travelling exhibitions, such as Wildlife Photographer Of The Year by the London Natural History Museum.

Wool museum

What to do at National Wool Museum

Uncover the fascinating history of wool in Australia: from its arrival with the First Fleet to its 200-year reign as a cornerstone economy. Geelong is where this story truly comes alive - sheep farming began here in 1835, leading to it becoming known around the world for quality woollen mills and earning itself an esteemed title; 'the wool centre of the world'. Now you can explore how Australian fleece played such an important role throughout our nation's past!

Uncover the many-faceted story of wool at Australia's National Wool Museum! Discover its fascinating history, science, fashion, handcraft and art through immersive exhibits such as heritage machines weaving carpets and knitting socks. Revel in all your senses - experience the lanolin aroma while touching fresh fleece or explore traditional crafts with our interactive programs. Capture a glimpse into this region's storied past by visiting one of our ever-changing exhibitions, which bridge learning with exploration & entertainment alike. Don't forget to take home some woollen treasures too!

National wool museum

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