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Which trees are most likely to fall?

Dec 10


Are your trees susceptible to strong winds and high winds? All trees are easy to wind. Some trees are more vulnerable and will need urgent tree removal in budget. These are the most susceptible trees to be blown away by the wind.

Tree Species Most Vulnerable To Wind

High winds can cause tree failures in certain varieties. These include:


  • White spruce
  • Cedar
  • Bradford pears
  • Balsam fir
  • Willow Oaks
  • Water Oaks


These species are more likely to fall in strong winds because they live in moister soils. Wide pine varieties and hemlocks are susceptible to falling in storms, particularly in areas with modified soil.

Trees with Shallow Roots

Trees' strength and stability are mainly dependent on their roots. Trees that have shallow roots are less stable than those with deep roots. These roots can increase the likelihood of uprooting. 


The root system can be damaged by construction, rotting, or other factors, which makes it more susceptible to being blown over in high winds.

Trees with Uneven Canopies

An uneven crown and tree canopy can result from poor pruning. The tree can have a rough appearance due to the variable parts. Additionally, high winds can cause crown twisting.


Unpredictable winds can cause tree branches and stems to twist, causing a devastating effect. Torsion stress is created by twisting, which eventually leads to cracking, splitting, and ultimately falling.

Tall Trees and Windthrow

Windthrow is a problem that affects taller trees more than those of shorter ones. Windthrow is the act where strong winds uproot trees entirely. Your tree can be transformed into a lever by combining a tall trunk and full foliage.


Strong winds blow at the top of a tree and exert a significant force on its roots and trunk; it can cause the whole root system to be blown off the ground.

Trees with two trunks

Trees with multiple trunks are more likely to be blown over by the wind. Standard tree structures have one dominant compartment. Storm damage is more likely for trees with more than one dominant trunk. The trunks will blow away from each other and cause them to fall apart.

Is Tree Removing Right for You?

You might contact a professional tree service, in case of need help to remove a tree due to any reason, if you have trees most susceptible to falling in the wind. If the tree falls, it can cause injury and property damage.