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What Is The Most Effective Tree Stump Killer?

Dec 10


Stump killers don't provide a quick fix for stump removal. The degradation process can take anywhere from months to one year. The stump will eventually fall apart and can be filled and smoothed. These are some things to consider when looking for a stump killer. If you're still not convinced about using chemical methods to remove a stump, we have other suggestions in this guide.

Stump Size

It is essential to consider the stump's size when deciding whether it should be removed chemically or manually. A stump over 2 inches above the ground can be dangerous. It is safer to have the stump manually removed if it is located in an area of your yard that receives frequent foot traffic.


Any size stump is possible to be removed with chemical stump removal products. It may be worth digging up small stumps, usually less than 2 inches in diameter, to remove them faster.

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Working Hour

The time it takes for a chemical stump removal product to remove a stump depends on whether it has been freshly cut the tree or plant species.


A stump removal herbicide is required to stop the resprouting of freshly cut stumps. Results may take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the product. However, the stump may not fully decompose until a few months later.


A "seasoned" or dead stump is another type of stump that can be treated chemically. These stumps can't produce new shoots, but they can pose a danger to new landscaping plans. The stump removal product will contain a chemical to accelerate the decay of the old wood. This can take several months or even longer.


After a while, the owner might be able to put kerosene onto a partially-decomposed seasoned stump and then burn it. Some stump-removal products can be used together with stump burning. To determine if the stump can be burned in your area, consult local fire codes.


Potent herbicides and chemical components are used in chemical stump killers to accelerate stump decomposition. Usually, stump-removal products include one or more of these active ingredients.


  • Glyphosate: Glyphosate is an herbicide with a broad spectrum that travels through the stump's bloodstream to kill the roots. It helps kill green stumps.
  • Triclopyr: Triclopyr is a systemic herbicide that tricks the living roots into a stump into rapid, overwhelming growth that eventually overwhelms the tree and kills them. Triclopyr can be found in products that kill green stumps.
  • Potassium Nitrate: Also known as "saltpeter," potassium nitrate is a powerful ingredient that helps the stump decompose quickly. It is used in products to kill green stumps and decay seasoned stumps.
  • PicloramPicloram is a systemic herbicide that kills woody plants. This herbicide can be found in products that kill the stump and decompose it.