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How to fix ugly lawn and how long will it take?

Oct 18

A poor lawn can cause a lot of frustration. It can be frustrating to feel like you have tried everything possible to make your yard beautiful, but weeds are still growing and bare spots. Maybe your lawn has been neglected for a while and seems impossible to repair.

It's possible that you don't know what it takes to fix a lawn that isn't looking its best.

You might not know how long it will take to repair your lawn. You might also be concerned about making the wrong decisions and prolonging the process if you don't have lawn care experience.

This may seem overwhelming. It is your goal to restore the lawn as quickly as possible. You want to know the best ways to reach your goals. Having a realistic time frame and what it takes to improve your lawn is essential. Here is the complete guide of cheap yard work phoenix about taking care of your ugly lawn. 

Definition of an ugly lawn

Before we get into how to fix an ugly lawn, let's first define what "ugly" means. Different meanings of "ugly lawn" can be given to other people. We want to be clear so that we can set realistic expectations.

The "Absolutely Terrible Lawn"

This lawn has more crabgrass and other weeds than healthy grass. It's so bad that the property will need to be renovated entirely to grow grass again. The "absolutely horrible" lawn has serious problems.

The Lawn that "Needs Serious Attention."

Although it doesn't require a complete overhaul, this lawn could use significant improvements. This lawn may be lacking in color and has a few bare spots. It could also have some weed problems.

Lawn Renovation Steps

Depending on how bad it is, it could take several treatments or even years to transform your lawn. Based on the above definitions, let's see how long it takes to transform an ugly yard.

Renovating the "Absolutely Terrible Lawn"

You'll see some improvement in a year if you do the right lawn restoration services. You will need patience, and keeping it in tip-top shape will take several seasons.

Creativegreenaz would recommend overseeding and aeration for a lousy lawn. The soil test would be followed by a complete lawn care program, including fertilization and grub prevention. We'd then want to oversee and aerate again. It will be a completely different lawn within two years of our lawn renovation services.

The "Needs Serious Attention Lawn"

A round of lawn services can make a massive difference if your lawn needs serious attention. Overseeding and aeration are recommended to address any bare spots on the property.


Fall is the best season for overseeding and aeration (because of the ideal conditions for seed germination). If you want to renovate your lawn during another time of the year, you might need to be patient and accept some bare spots. 


You can also improve the lawn's color and vitality by applying several rounds of fertilization. Cheap yard work phoenix can also target any weed concerns you might have.

Restoring the Lawn of "Just a Little Help"

A lawn with just a little more care can see fewer weeds as soon as two weeks after treatment. Any weeds that may have been growing will eventually die down. This will make your lawn look even better.

Sometimes it may take a little longer for the lawn to "green up". The property may look greener when it increases (with plenty of moisture) and even after the second round. Your yard may look thicker and healthier in a few weeks. It is incredible how much a little extra can make a difference for your lawn.

The final step in the lawn renovation process: maintenance

You've completed the steps to fix your lawn. Now you want it to stay that way. Maintenance is key. You don't want your property to be ruined. Regular lawn care is an excellent investment to keep your lawn in tip-top shape, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Your property will become healthier over time and be able to fight off pests, diseases and environmental stresses.