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Do gas mowers play a part in the cost of mowing a lawn?

Oct 5


Many experienced lawn mowing contractors in the United States make their main source of income from lawn mowing. The most difficult aspect of starting a lawn-mowing business is figuring out how much you should charge.


While you need to make a profit to attract regular customers, you must also be competitive. Let's look at the average cost of lawn mowing, and then a breakdown of different lawn care services.

Lawn Care Prices

What is the average price to mow a lawn in your area?

Prices for lawn care vary depending on where you live and what area you are in. They can range from $50 up to $250, depending on which neighborhood you live in. The average cost is determined by various factors.


Prices for lawn mowing vary depending on where you live and how large your lawn is. Additional lawn maintenance tasks such as trimming, weeding, and landscaping are not included in the average.

Gas vs. electric lawnmowers

Average cost per mowing

 An electric mower can mow a third of an area with one charge. The average pushed electric mower needs about 3.5 kilowatts of power to recharge. At $0.11 per kilowatthour, it costs $0.38 per recharge.


Gas mowers are not as reliable as electric mowers. The push mower is fairly typical. Our tank holds about 1/3 gallon and we can mow approximately half an acre with one tank. A single mowing costs $2.35 at $3.50 per gallon.


An electric mower can be used for $1.04 per acre. A gas mower costs $4.70. The size of your yard will determine how big an impact it has. The electric mower is more valuable if your yard is larger.

How much gas does a lawn mower use?

A medium load can burn approximately half a gallon of fuel per hour, and will cover most lawn mowing tasks. However, it is possible to burn as low as 0.41 gallons an hour with a light load for a small lawn. You might consider using a heavier load if you have a large lawn. Although heavy loads burn slower than medium loads, they also burn faster than light loads.



A load that is durable and long-lasting is important if you are going to mow lots of lawns in a very short time. A lawn that has been mowed for about an hour and a half would need to be burned at least twice before it could be used by another person.