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Retaining Wall Abbotsford

Jul 29
When you want to build a hardscape project as part of your landscape design, choose a retaining wall or paving that will never go out of style. Hardscaping is a part of the best landscape designs. Landscaping is the whole property with natural elements such as trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers, while hardscaping is all the man-made elements within the landscape that help make it safe and add architectural interest. These projects include paving and retaining walls along with other projects.
green backyard lawn with neat white retaining wall
Valley Retaining Walls specializes in these hardscaping projects:
  -   Beautiful, functional retaining walls made of blocks, interlocking stones, wood, natural stone, and other materials    
  -   Driveway pavers    
  -   Patio pavers    
  -   Brick patios    
  -   Pavers forming walkways and paths
There are many design possibilities for creating durable design elements that are functional and add beauty to a landscape. Valley Retaining Walls can build to help make every property owner's ideas a reality.

Valley Retaining Walls professionals know how important it is to every property owner to have well-designed hardscaping to keep property safe, secure, and attractive. There are a lot of different choices to make in materials, design, location, and sizes for these projects. Our professional installers at Valley Retaining Walls will help you choose the right materials and dimensions for your hardscaping project and then build it to meet your expectations.

We do our best to make your building project as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our knowledge and experience gained over years of work allow us to deliver a finished project that is affordable as well as being attractive and durable.

Valley Retaining Wall Hardscaping Services

The extensive range of our hardscaping services can transform a property from average to outstanding. We can transform an odd property with a hill at the back into a lovely level landscape with a single, strong retaining wall keeping the hill in place, or we can build a series of retaining walls - like steps with garden space between each one. The possibilities are only limited by the budget and the imagination.

A combination of our services can make any landscape design better.  When you are considering a landscape project, you can check out our services page for in-depth descriptions of each of our services including what they entail, consultation, design, installation, to job completion.
Valley Retaining Walls most commonly receives requests for the following types of retaining walls:     
  -   Natural stone retaining walls    

  -   Block retaining walls    
  -   Wood retaining walls
Retaining walls serve several purposes in a landscape design including keeping property safe from erosion or sloping, adding usable space, leveling property, and more. They help create usable landscaping features such as raised flower or vegetable beds. They can also add privacy and security to a property depending on the design. There are endless possibilities for the design of retaining walls.
The important advantage of using the interlocking retaining wall designs is due to a strong structure that is durable and very stable. There are numerous design possibilities and color choices for a project that adds curb appeal as well as stability. 

Every choice of retaining wall type that is chosen will have advantages. They will give each property more usable and functional space that is safe from an adjoining hill, mountain, or sloping terrain. Valley Retaining Walls of Abbotsford works on both new projects and projects where old, failing retaining walls must be removed and replaced. A lot of rain we typically get can damage retaining walls over the decades, especially if they were not built correctly.

We have the expert training and job experience to help meet every customer demand and keep properties safe, secure, and attractive.