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Display Gardens

Jun 20

In the United States, Canada, and Europe, there are over 250 official display gardens where you may see a wide range of contemporary daylilies in a garden environment.

A visitor may see a high quantity and diversity of labeled daylilies in a well-kept garden setting in an authorized display garden. Certain requirements must be accomplished in order to get official showcase garden status:

  • To be eligible for a garden to be classified as a showcase garden, a Historical Daylily display garden, or both, the owner or public garden liaison must have been a member for at least two years and must keep his or her membership in good standing.
  • A minimum of 100 distinct registered daylily cultivars are required to be given AHS showcase garden designation.
  • All daylily species and cultivars recorded 30 years before the present year are considered historical daylilies. The basic criterion for becoming a Historical Daylily exhibition garden is to have at least 50 recognized varieties. Plant labels should include the cultivar and hybridizer names, as well as the year of introduction, for a representative collection of historical daylilies.
  • Water, fertilizer, mulch, and other garden supplies should be kept up to date, and weeds should be kept to a minimum.
  • Plant markers should be kept in excellent shape, with the cultivar and hybridizer's names plainly visible. On many markers, the date of registration is also given. On the historical plant marker, all three must be included (cultivar name, hybridizer, and year of introduction).
  • During the blooming season, the garden should be accessible to the public. It is recommended that gardeners have their own insurance. The insurance coverage of the American Daylily Society excludes visitors to the showcase gardens.
  • A certain section designated as a showcase garden is required of commercial gardens.
  • Display garden owners will be advised of their status renewal in early September of each year. By October 1, you must send or submit your forms online.
  • If a member wishes to keep their garden as a recognized display garden, they must notify the display garden chair and have it re-evaluated within 12 months after the move.

The qualifying garden must be inspected and approved by the appropriate Regional President (RP) or their designated representative and recommended to the display garden chairman to be added to the list of official display gardens and/or Historical Daylily display gardens before being added to the list of official display gardens and/or Historical Daylily display gardens.

The garden owner (or, if a public garden, the garden liaison person) should contact the relevant RP, who should then convey the request to the display garden chairperson, to be removed from the list of Display Gardens and/or Historical Daylily display gardens.