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Tree pruning: A beginner's guide

Mar 27

Regular pruning can make trees more attractive and healthier.

Tree pruning benefits:

Tree trimming is an option to keep it healthy, safe, and beautiful.

Enhances Appearance

Pruning is used to maintain a tree's natural appearance. Pruning too often can lead to damage, and could require additional pruning.

Improve Safety

Broken branches can lead to injury and even death. You may lose your ability to see when you drive in your driveway or make other maneuvers. It is best to call your energy company in these situations than to try to repair them yourself.

Tree health

It is possible to save a tree if it has become infected. Trim any branches that cross or rub against each other.

This is required.

Pruning refers to the process of reducing the size and shape of trees so they don't touch one another when viewed up. This will allow air to circulate among them, allowing more sunlight through.

Pruning a tree when it is dormant is the best time. It is fine to remove small branches (5 cm or less). If larger branches (5-10 cm) are to be removed, you will need to give them more thought.

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