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5 Hydroseeding Tips and When to Start the process

Feb 5


Hydro-seeding is considered to be an easy way to create a beautiful lawn with little effort. Hydroseeding suggestions include the recommendation to apply the seeding in the spring, summer and in fall. This is because of the requirement for consistent sun and frequent watering many times every day to develop and keep roots in place that can last for a long time.


Each season offers different advantages for hydroseed Denver, so it depends on your preference. The ideal temperature for hydroseeding to take place is 75-85 degrees for the first few weeks of growth. Beginning hydro-seeding in the spring and fall will permit the grass to grow at a good speed and will require less water than during the summer heat. Due to the heat that you will experience if you begin hydroseeding in summer, the grass will grow much faster than during other seasons.




You're probably considering how much it would be to water seed your entire lawn. Hydroseeding a smaller area will cost you $0.18 per square foot. ECCO LLC Hydroseeding contractors in Denver will often offer discounts when covering larger areas of land, which can reduce your costs significantly. The process of hydroseeding your lawn can be more expensive than planting grass seeds but it has a much higher likelihood of germinating. This means you won't need to re-seed lawns or repair any issues. Another cost you should be aware of is the price of watering your lawn. Hydroseeding could take as long as two months of constant watering , and it requires a significant amount of water.


How to prepare and manage hydroseeding

Preparing your soil

You have to make sure that your soil is in good condition for the proper absorption of the hydroseeding mix. Grading the soil is essential in order to make sure that the soil is even and allows the hydroseeding blend to be spread evenly. This will give the grass a stable base from which to grow. Making sure that it is clean of all debris that may interfere with the grass's ability to grow or properly growing is incredibly vital.


Water-Water Water

At first, the seeds will require watering three to four times a day. This can be reduce once the grass has begun to develop. Seeds need to be watered frequently in order to establish and root properly. Sprinkler systems can be installed that will provide water to the soil as it expands and reduce its watering when it is fully grown and is being maintained.




Mowing your lawn is a great way to keep it healthy and encourage the growth of new grass. Don't cut your new growth until it is at least three inches tall. This will prevent any possible damage.




Fertilizing is essential for the growth of new grass so it is advised to fertilize each 90-120 days with a strong nitrogen fertilizer.


Do not take a walk on it

Avoid making contact to the area as is possible because contact can cause the area to thin or develop bald spots areas where pressure is applied. The seedlings are at a risk state during the first two or three weeks. So in the meantime, avoid physical contact as much as is possible. Installing sprinklers can be a big help for this purpose since you can make sure that all areas are flooded without getting into contact with the region.



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